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I love making OC's. Some of them are based off friends and other's pure from my imagination. But no matter what, I'm always thinking up a new OC. So this Wiki is purely for posting OC's. Because what if someone's trying desperately to make a story and can't think up an OC? Here, they can gather idea's for an OC to put in their story. Also, anyone can post an OC here you just need to say it's yours. Last but not least, if you use an OC from here, you have to give the person credit.


The Fernfields: Daniel, Alexandra, Roxann (Roxi), Luna, Anne, Harmony, Melody, Flora May

Masterminds: StellaRyan, Anne, Luna

The Experiments: Devin, Alexander (Alec), Margret (Meg), Dominic, Sydney, Maryland

The Haven's: Theo, Alexander (Alec), Mekenzie

The Folkse's: Grace, Margret (Meg)

The Skipenstone's: TrinityPatrick, Aidan, Brooklynne, Lilly-AnnFawn

The Ronnenn'sDeanna, Elayna, Pearl

The Merryweather Twins: MalloryFreya

The Roann's: Andrew, Rosie

The Starlight Twins: Kate, Nate

SASA: Daniel, Andrew, Mia, Rosie, Addy, Chonsie, Lea

POW: Alexandra, Roxann (Roxi), Harmony, Melody, Flora May, Rascal, Quicky



The Macintosh'sJune, Hope

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